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Uniform Acquires Headless Creator

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Why did you sell your website?

I reached the limits of what one person can do and was looking for help in scaling the offering and expanding the educational products.

Why did you sell it to Uniform?

I create educational content for a variety of systems including eCommerce, headless CMS, DAMs, etc. Uniform creates software that helps organizations build composable systems using the same products HeadlessCreator.com focuses on. It was a perfect match. Also, after speaking with their founders, they are committed to continuing HeadlessCreator.com as a separate brand, focused on creating and offering a variety of content for headless creators. They want to see HeadlessCreator.com grow into THE place for the industry to go to for education.

Why did Uniform acquire HeadlessCreator?

I specifically asked the founders “Why do you want HeadlessCreator.com?” when we were speaking about the possibility of the acquisition. Their answer is what solidified my decision to move forward with it.  They believe that Uniform “without headless products is useless”, so they want to support the community by educating the industry on how to use those headless products. They also emphasized many times to me that they want to keep HeadlessCreator.com separate from Uniform.  They want to continue adding more content on a variety of products and product areas (e.g. eCommerce, DAMs, etc) and they DO NOT want to mix Uniform content in HeadlessCreator.com. 

Who is Uniform?

Uniform creates software that makes it easier for organizations to build composable systems from the kinds of products I already create (and will create) educational content for. They ARE NOT an eCommerce, Headless CMS, CDN, DAM, etc kind of vendor. If you want to learn more details about exactly how Uniform works, just check out uniform.dev. 

Will the content on Headless Creator now be all about Uniform?

Nope.  There is only one bootcamp about composable DXP with Uniform, which will remain since it was created prior to any talks about acquisition.  Having said that, new Uniform content will be mainly kept on Uniform’s site, not on HeadlessCreator.com.   All content is equal and will have the same amount of marketing.  No vendor is more important than any other, including Uniform. This is a commitment they made to me and I trust them to keep it.

Will Uniform have higher priority and more exposure on Headless Creator?

Nope.   All content is equal (as stated above).  Uniform is fully dedicated to keeping all the content we have and to add more content so that we can help educate the industry. 

What will you personally be doing at Uniform? What will be your responsibilities?

As of March 21, 2022, I have 2 main responsibilities.  First and foremost, I will be the “Head of Content and Community at  HeadlessCreator.com”. I will continue doing exactly what I have been doing, but will have access to many more resources to scale the offering.  On the Uniform side, I will be their new “Head of Learning”, leading the education side of Uniform (which will be kept completely separate from HeadlessCreator.com).

How will I, as a headless creator, benefit from the acquisition?

Because Uniform will provide Headless Creator more resources, I will be able to scale and offer more content.   And because of Uniform's commitment to keeping HeadlessCreator.com as its own brand, HeadlessCreator.com will become THE place to learn, expand your knowledge, connect with others, and in the very near future, become a certified professional.

Anything else we should know?

Not really, but here is a really cool press release about the acquisition too.

Jamstack Community Creator Award Finalist

The Jamstack JAMMIES Community Creator Award is given to creators of Jamstack content for creating outstanding content for the community. We were honored to be one of the finalists in this category.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who created this site?

Hi!  I'm Marcelo Lewin, the founder and creator of this site.  I created and manage this site on the side.  For my full time job, I'm a Senior Content Solutions Architect for a major SAS company. I also consult on content modeling with various customers all over the world.  I love content modeling, content architecting and working with headless CMSes.  They are truly the future!  If you want to know why I created this site, read below!

Why was this site created?

I got into headless CMSes back in 2019. A little after that I created Headless Creator mainly to teach myself all about headless CMSes and content modeling.  Back then it was mainly sharing videos on YouTube, but I found that by constantly learning and sharing what I learned with others, my skills increased.  Now, here we are.

How can my company and Headless Creator partner up?

I'd love to partner up with your company.  Just reach out to me via the contact form.

I'd love to present on your site, can I?

That's awesome!  Just reach out to me and I'll get back to you to see how we can work together!

Do you offer consulting on Content Modeling?

Yes I do.  Just reach out to me and I'll get back to you within 24 hours!  In the mean time, you can check out the Consulting Page.