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Above being technical, creative and passionate, I value working in collaboration with others the most.
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"Marcelo is a very skilled content modeling expert with great teaching and communication skills. We have worked with Marcelo in our team, with the aim of up-skilling our Contentful team and create a common process in the company when developing content models.Marcelo is very knowledgeable in the area and has a lot of great stuff to share. Marcelo immediately connected with our team, understood our challenge and we got down to business from the very first minute we sat down together. Would recommend working with Marcelo on content modeling any day."
Mikael Gyde Møller
Domain Architect
"Had couple of sessions with Marcelo to challenge our content model which we had changed couple of times before by then. He provided some new perspectives and valuable ideas on how to make our content model more scalable. Also I really appreciate the free content at"
Magdalena Gruber
Digital Project Manager
Neugelb Studios GmbH
"I have worked closely with Marcelo as we redefined our product data model for more flexibility and scalability across multiple integration points. He is extremely knowledgeable on the topic and I would be happy to recommend him to anyone seeking to shift in the direction of headless CMS or commerce architecture. Or even just a well thought out content model."
Craig Jorgensen
Head of Innovation, Design & Technology
"Marcelo is a true Contentful evangelist. His deep understanding of content modeling and its implications from both a developers point of view and a content editors is a benefit to any content team. I've worked with Marcelo directly to bring to life a number of Contentful projects that couldn't have been possible without his attention to detail, organization skills and technical expertise."
Nikan Shahidi
"I’d like to express my recommendation of Marcelo Lewin who helped me with content modeling in Contentful for my website project. Marcelo is a great professional who has a deep insight into content management from the perspective of both the developer and the author. He helped me create a versatile and scalable content model that will grow as the site grows and changes. As we progressed through it, I learned a whole lot about content modeling. If somebody needs help with content modeling, Marcelo is definitely the right person."
Szymon Nowak
Digital Colliers
"Marcelo is a pleasure to collaborate with. His passion for content is undeniable - he truly sees the world in structured content, reimagining it for maximum reuse across channels to drive ROI. He also makes the more tedious tasks around project management seem simple and effortless and is a great, effective communicator to boot."
Johanna Hyde
Senior Product Marketing Manager
"I enjoy working with Marcelo. He is a true professional focused on delivering best possible solutions from both developer's and content writers' points of view. Also a genuine and nice guy with a great sense of humor."
Mikhail Ogrel
Senior Software Engineer
"I work with Marcelo at ServiceTitan and we are building an integration with a headless CMS system. Working with Marcelo is very enjoyable, he is a professional, and his materials and documentation are one of the best that I have seen in my entire career."
Eduard Goldfeld
Software Engineering Manager
"I've worked with Marcelo in our last project, IED Forward, where we design and develop the Online Campus and IED Learning Tools for IED Group. His knowledge of content modeling and architecting, plus a robust technical understanding of diverse platforms and modern software languages, helps us to define a future proof content model for our e-learning courses."
Javier Maseda
Head of Digital Design Lab
Istituto Europeo di Design
"I worked with Marcelo to organize a Contentful content modeling workshop and he was a pleasure to work with! He’s incredibly knowledgeable on the subject and his enthusiasm really shines through in his work. Marcelo has great project management skills, and I fully trusted that he would deliver a thorough and engaging workshop for our audience. I highly recommend Marcelo to anybody looking for content modeling expertise."
Luisa Hoffman
Marketing Program Manager
"Marcelo is a great professional in content modeling and technical architecture and can convey technical solutions in a very clear way. He even speaks Spanish, which was great, as our team is based in Spain. While working with him, I learned a lot on how to take complex content structures and break them down into scalable content models."
Miguel Ángel Montañés Flores
Senior Engineer
"Marcelo was introduced to me when we started working on implementing Salesforce Knowledge, using a custom integration with the Contentful CMS platform. Being an expert in the space of content management, and e-learning best practices, he was instrumental to the success of the project. His attention to detail, welcoming demeanor, and overall professionalism made this a really enjoyable project. I'm looking forward to working together on future projects."
Patrick Stevens
Sr. Salesforce Business Analyst

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Did you pay all these people to say nice things about you?

Well....maybe? Of course not! I just love providing great service with constant communication. I guess they liked the service I provided since I only had to ask once for a recommendation and they provided it immediately via Linkedin.

Can I reach out to them?

All my clients have Linkedin profiles, which are listed next to their names on this page. Feel free to reach out to them via Linkein.

You provided great service to me, how can I recommend you?

Contact me and I'll send you a "recommendation request" via Linkedin.

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