Content Modeling Consulting

We are passionate about content modeling. If you and your company want to create a scalable content model that supports a single source of truth, we can help you build it!
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"Your content model, like the base of a Pyramid, should be well designed at the beginning of your project to withstand the test of time (and redesigns)."

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Our Process

The first 30 minutes are free - and have no strings attached!

The 30 minute discovery call is 100% free with no strings attached. During this call, we'll chat about your project and goals. We'll review your website, web app or mobile app together and figure out your needs with regards to content modeling. I'll show you sample content models.  We'll also talk about any coaching needs you may have. If you'll want to proceed, we'll figure out how many sessions we'll need to work together.

Content modeling session hours.

After the discovery meeting, you can purchase 4 hours of content modeling sessions at a time (you can get more of course if you'd like). You will receive a time card, tracking the remaining hours. You will also receive a link to the Miro board for your content model, and a link to schedule a 1 to 2-hour content modeling with your team. 

How sessions are structured, and what they achieve

All sessions are conducted over Zoom or Google Meet (whichever you prefer).  We'll use Miro to create your content model during the session. Each meeting will last between 1 to 2 hours. You will be the SME (Subject Matter Expert) and answer many questions about your domain. The content model will be tested by implementing it in a headless CMS and querying it with GraphQL. In the end, we will test the authoring experience, to ensure that it fits your authors as well. 

Need coaching to run your next content modeling session?

We also offer the opportunity to coach you on how to run your own content modeling sessions. We’ll show you the best ways to work with users, how to collect information from them, and what tools you need for a successful session. We’ll also share the Miro template we use during our sessions with clients, so that you can use it in your own content modeling sessions. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some of your clients?

We've help clients all over the world. Some of our clients include Contentful, DFDS and Pruvit. Want the full list? Check out our Clients and Projects page.

Can you provide me with project samples prior to engaging you?

Yes! We have plenty of samples we can show you so you understand the kind of deliverables you will receive. We can even do a quick content model for you live during our 30 minute meeting to show you how we think about content modeling.

Can you provide me with client recommendations?

Yes, we have plenty of them here.

Need more information?

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