Content Modeling Workshop

A two day intensive Content Modeling workshop to get your team up to
speed and ready for a successful headless CMS implementation.

"A successful headless CMS implementation starts with a well thought out and designed content model.  If you do it incorrectly, you are just re-creating a legacy CMS on top of new technology."

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Workshop Details


The goal of this workshop is to take a person that is not familiar with content modeling, but is (or is about to get) involved in a headless CMS project and turn them into a productive team member able to jump in and create scalable content models for a successful headless CMS implementation.


Marcelo Lewin has many years of hand's on experience designing and creating content models used in a production environment in many  enterprises.  He's a course author, writes articles, a podcaster and works with many clients around the world consulting on content modeling.

Length & Location

This is an online workshop (via Zoom) with 2 sessions, each session being 6 hours in length.  Multiple breaks are provided for lunch and to work on exercises on your own or with others in your team.


The workshop costs $695 per person for a team of 3 people.  The price drops to $595 per person for a team of 4 to 6 people.  There is a limit of 6 people per workshop to make sure there is plenty of time to address specific questions.


We'll work with you and your team to find a suitable day and time period to hold the workshop on.  We can separate the sessions into one session per week, but it's recommended that we have both of them consecutively.


As a content modeler, you better become very friendly with Miro.  We also recommend you have access to Google Docs and Sheets and prior to the workshop, we highly recommend you create a trial version of your favorite headless CMS.

Workshop Curriculum

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