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Personalization Bootcamp

This course is designed for creators involved in or about to get involved in a website personalization project.

We'll start with personalization foundations, then move on to technologies that help you implement personalization, including hands on lessons with a Headless CMS. We'll end the course with various real world examples.

Focused on creators that don't have much knowledge on personalization, by the end of this course, you'll have enough knowledge to be a productive member of team.

Earn a Certificate of Completion!

Learn the foundations.

We'll start with the foundations of personalization, including what it is, how it works, the terminology you need to know and more.

Understand the technology.

We'll go through various tech stacks, with real world examples, for you to understand the technology required to implement personalization in a headless CMS.

Hands on lessons with real world examples.

You'll have the opportunity to follow along the lessons on your computer while you see how real world examples were implemented.

Watch lessons live and on-demand.

All lessons will air live and after the broadcast, will be offered on-demand for free.

This course is perfect for...

Content Authors
Marketing Professionals
Project Managers

Meet the Presenters

Andy Kaiser
CEO / Founder
Marcelo Lewin
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