AI-created content. Humans not required.

Welcome to the future of content management systems!

Forget headless, composable, and MACH.  That's old news.  It's all about artificial intelligence. 

Our new AI-powered CMS installs itself, manages itself, develops all the code for you, and finally, creates and publishes the content.

With our new ChatGPT CMS, you'll be able to get rid
of your— 

  • Marketing department
  • Content authors
  • Developers
  • Administrators

They can all be replaced with one human who can write AI prompts.

Imagine the cost savings, efficiency gains, and the fact that you no longer have to deal with humans.

Available today, April 1, 2023.
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*Sample AI Prompt to Create this Page

 "Pretend you are a sarcastic human with a horrible sense of humor. Now go create an April Fools Day landing page focused on Headless CMS creators. Make sure you emphasize that humans are no longer needed. Use our standard branding colors."
* Sometimes our AI engine hallucinates, or just makes up stuff.  But don't worry, our new app, ChatGPT Lawyer, will help you when you get sued.

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