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Welcome to the future of Content Management Systems!

Some CMS vendors tell you they are "headless"?  And they charge you more to give you less?  Not us!  We provide you all the templates you will ever need!

Some CMS vendors tell you they are API first!  Well, guess what, we are customer first!   We don't even have an API!   We just think about you, our customer! 

Some CMS vendors say they are composable?  What are they Legos?  We are not a toy!  We are a serious company.  We provide you everything you ever will need!  You can't add or remove anything!

Some CMS vendors tell you they provide support for omni-channels!  What omni-channels?  It's just the web and we focus on just that!  In fact, our templates work perfectly with Internet Explorer 6!

Some CMS vendors tell you to create a content model that is flexible!  We make that process much easier by offering you a single Rich Text Field where you can put any content you want in it! 

Available today, April 1, 2022.
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All The Features You'll Ever Want and Never Use!

Check out all the current modules we offer today!  More coming soon!

Manage All Your Content

Manage Your Payroll

Manage Your Accounting

Manage All Your Contacts

Manage Your Employees

Purchase Products via Amazon

Manage All Your Assets

Manage Your Projects

Order Food via Uber

Technologies We Support

We support the most reliable technologies that have been around for over 40 years!

HTML (with <BLINK> support)


IIS Web Servers

ColdFusion (Script or Tags!!)

COBOL (Y2K Ready)

Fortran (Coming Soon)

Choose your pricing plan

Developer Edition


Perfect for the ColdFusion developer that wants to learn how to use our new CMS.

  • Access to all documentation
  • You will be asked to QA our code.

Small Business Edition

Not Available

Get WordPress

Enterprise Edition

Call us. We'll figure out how much we can take from you.

Perfect for the large enterprise that has boat loads of money to spend.

  • Access to all documentation links
  • Unlimited creation of web pages.
  • Extra charges will apply depending on how big your budget is.

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