A Conversation about Headless Digital Asset Management Systems

An Interview with Russ Barr

July 15, 2022  |  7:30am PDT

In this conversation with Russ Barr, Digital Asset Management Specialist and managing director of DAM at Cloudinary, we talk about what a digital asset management system is, how a headless DAM is different from your traditional one, when you need a headless DAM (and when you don't), what kind of talent you need in your team to implement one, plus much more.

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Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the GUEST

Russ Barr

Managing Director, DAM at Cloudinary

Having been immersed in the world of Digital Asset Management since 2001 I have amassed a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in helping organizations embrace and benefit from DAM solutions.

My background is primarily technical, having built a commercial DAM system back in 2001, however since then I have been involved with almost every aspect of the industry, from running large Professional Services teams, to DAM consultancy and heading up DAM sales teams.

And what is the point of accumulating all this wonderful wisdom if not to share it with others to allow business to make the most of the benefits of DAM.

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Marcelo Lewin

Marcelo is passionate about content modeling, so much so, he spends his weekends creating content models for fun! Yes, we know, he needs to get a real hobby! He's also very interested in content governance, content architecting and headless CMS technologies. As a Senior Content Solutions Architect, he designs content models that are scalable, support single source of truth and are friendly both to developers and content authors alike.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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