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Episode 4
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Migrating from a Legacy CMS to a Headless CMS

with larry swanson, full stack content architect at elless media
In this episode, I have a great conversation with full stack content architect Larry Swanson all about how to migrate from your legacy CMS into a headless CMS. We'll touch upon technology migration, content migration and the people and skills required for a successful migration and implementation.
Episode 3
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Improving Web Performance, Image Formats and Contentful’s Image API

with Allan White, enterprise solution engineer at contentful
In this episode, I have a great conversation with Allen White, Contentful's Enterprise Solution Engineer, all about image formats, DAM integrations and how to manipulate images using the Contentful Image API to help improve web performance.
Episode 2
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Chatbots, AI and Headless CMSes

with jordi torras, founder at inbenta
In this episode, I have a great conversation about chatbots, artificial intelligence, machine learning and much more with my guest Jordi Torras, the founder of Inbenta, who focuses on AI and Natural Language Processing for chatbots and search engines.
Episode 1
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Personalization for a Headless CMS

Join us for a lively conversation between Marcelo Lewin and Andy Kaiser, founder of Ninetailed, as we chat all about personalization, how it works, what tools you should be aware of and how to incorporate it into a headless CMS.

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