Nov 1 / Marcelo Lewin

Contentstack Adds Live Preview to its Authoring Experience

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On October 19, 2021, Contentstack announced they have added the availability to preview content changes live, as authors edit them inside the Contentstack authoring app.

By default, live preview will show authors three different channels: mobile, tablet and desktop, which can be toggled by clicking on the "toggle viewport" button.

Authors, accustomed to legacy CMSs, where they were able to click on a  field in the actual website to edit it, will like this new feature.

Authors now have two ways to edit content.  They can choose to edit in the Content Type form or directly go to the webpage preview and click on the field on the webpage, which will automatically take them to the field in the content type to edit it, while respecting the content type structure.

Enabling preview is a simple process. Once you go to settings and click on "enable preview", you then select which environment you want to enable the preview for (e.g. production vs. staging) and what the URL is for the preview page. Then your authors will see a "Live Preview" button in their authoring experience. Once they click on that, it will bring up the live preview.

Keep in mind that you still need to have your developers create the preview page that allows your authors to both preview and edit the content directly on the page.  But once created, authors are able to manipulate that page, its fields and even content blocks, such as a photo gallery or a hero image.

I'd like to see Contentstack continue the improvement of "live preview" by adding the ability to preview other channels, including non-display channels, such as Alexa or other iOT devices. 

This is a great step towards making the authoring experience more intuitive for authors.