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Contentstack Releases Venus Design System

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Today, Contentstack released their Venus Component Library, a design system developers can use to enhance the Contentstack authoring app. 

A design system is a set of reusable components, principles and guidelines for designers and developers to use, to maintain a consistent user experience across a digital product.

Contentstack recently redesigned their entire authoring experience UI and this seems to be the next step in that redesign.  By offering a set of components (in React), developers can now extend the authoring interface in Contentstack, while maintaining the same look and feel of the native interface.

In order to use these components, a developer needs to install the library package, import the styles and use the required components. 

Some example components include:

  • Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Field Labels
  • Instruction Text
  • Radio Buttons

Below, you can see all the details of the Table component, including the code you'd use in React.
To see all the components available, check out the Venus website.

Contentstack is not the only headless CMS company that offers a design system to extend their authoring experience.  Contentful has the Forma36 design system and Storyblok offers the Blok design system