Jan 17 / Marcelo Lewin

Four Tech Trends Headless Creators Should be Aware of for 2022 by Gartner

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Gartner released an eBook covering 12 strategic technology trends. Four of those should be of interest to headless creators: Cloud-Native Platforms, Composable Applications, Distributed Enterprise and Total Experience.

Cloud-Native Platforms
Cloud-Native platforms is at the very heart of a headless CMS and eCommerce solution.  It is a platform that not only lives on the cloud, but was designed with the cloud in mind from the very beginning.  It uses APIs and technology stacks that work seamlessly in the cloud, providing independence, resiliency and agility for your business.

Composable Applications
Composable applications are cloud native, use micro-services, are API first driven and headless.  This is the very definition of today's modern headless CMS and eCommerce solutions.   Composable DXP (Digital Experience) Systems bridge all these apps and systems together to create a single seamless source, where authors and developers can pull content from.

Distributed Enterprise
Distributed Enterprises use technology to help their customers and employees have a seamless and complete experience, regardless of where they are based.   Because of the world wide pandemic, this move has been accelerated in the past couple of years, as companies had to quickly adjust and move their entire workforce from a central location, to a distributed one.  This move has also put strains on how people shop, get entertained and do work.  This trend goes hand in hand with cloud-native platforms and composable applications, as those can directly help ease the strain of a virtual and distributed enterprise.

Total Experience
Gartner states that total experience consists of a) customer experience, b) employee experience, c) user experience and d) multiexperience.   Gartner defines the multiexperience as a way of looking at the different technologies of digital experience including web, mobile apps, chatbots, wearables and immersive technologies.  A headless CMS and eCommerce solution is at the core and powers this "multiexperience". 

As you can see, 2022 is poised to accelerate the move towards headless CMS and ecommerce solutions for most enterprises. As headless creators, we need to be aware of these trends, the technologies surrounding them and the paradigm shift in both how content is created, stored and distributed.