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Free lessons focused on content authors, administrators and developers who work with Kontent by Kentico.  New lessons added frequently. 100% free! Register today!
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Free new episodes added frequently.

This course is 100% free and updated frequently with new lessons, tutorials, tips and tricks.

For Kontent 

Developers will learn how to work with the Kontent APIs and SDKs, how to integrate Kontent with other systems, how to create multi-channel experiences and more!

For Kontent

Administrators will learn how to manage environments, how to create and manage content workflows, how to manage users, how to work with the CLI and much more!

For Kontent
content authors.

Content authors will get the latest tips and tricks to help them create content  faster and more efficiently. They'll learn keyboard shortcuts, how to manage assets efficiently and more!
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Meet the Presenters

Marcelo Lewin
Senior Content Solutions Architect
Headless Creator
Marcelo is a Senior Content Solutions Architect for ServiceTitan, a Certified Contentful
Professional, a Content Modeler and the founder of
Martin Makarsky
Developer Advocate
During the day, Martin tries to find ways to help people with code. At nights, he hacks together into meaningful structures what at first seems like incompatible pieces.
Richard Shackleton
UI Architect
Richard is the UI Architect at NetConstruct and a Kontent MVP. He takes a keen interest in the ever-changing landscape of web development.
Zaneta Styblova
Creative Writer
Zaneta likes to create articles, pages, ebooks, social media posts, newsletters, and other materials. She describes herself as a bookworm and language enthusiast who never stops learning.
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