Finding the Balance Between Monolith and Composable Architectures Part 1

An Interview with Claes Justesen

Is the monolith architecture dead? Is composability the only way to architect your content systems? Does it have to be one or the other? In this conversation with Claes Justesen, Director, Digital Marketing & Commerce at Deloitte, we explore the idea of having a hybrid architecture that works for both your developers and business users.

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Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the GUEST

Claes Justesen

Director, Digital Marketing & Commerce, Deloitte

I have 18 years of experience in software development. 10 of those spent analyzing, scoping and delivering B2C and B2B digital commerce solutions.

I enjoy translating business into technology and vice versa and typically acts a digital strategist and lead in large scale digital commerce and marketplace implementation projects
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Marcelo Lewin

Marcelo is passionate about content modeling, so much so, he spends his weekends creating content models for fun! Yes, we know, he needs to get a real hobby! He's also very interested in content governance, content architecting and headless CMS technologies. As a Senior Content Solutions Architect, he designs content models that are scalable, support single source of truth and are friendly both to developers and content authors alike.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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