How to Perform Bulk Content Updates in Contentful

Sometimes you just have a few content entries to edit — that's easy with any CMS. But what do you do when you have hundreds, or even thousands of entries that you need to change? In this lesson, we'll cover the various ways you can bulk-edit content in Contentful, using the Content Management API (CMA), using the Contentful authoring tool and finally, using a specialized app you can install in Contentful.

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Meet the Lesson Presenters

Ante Sepic
Product Demo Engineer
Ante is a Frontend JavaScript and TypeScript developer. He is passionate about inclusivity and when he's not at work or sleeping, you will find him tinkering with one of his numerous side-projects.
Marcelo Lewin
Senior Content Solutions Architect
Headless Creator
Marcelo is a Senior Content Solutions Architect for ServiceTitan, a Certified Contentful Professional, a Content Modeler and the founder of

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