About Adam Conn

VP of Enablement @ Uniform
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Patrick Jones - Course author
Adam started his career working to integrate a call center application with a voice response unit (“Press 1 for warranty information. Press 2 for…”) and was hooked on the challenges of integration. His experience with content management and digital experience software extends back to 2004 when he started working at RedDot, and continued with Hummingbird, Open Text, and Sitecore. Now he's a co-founder at Uniform. The focus of his 20+ year career has been on connectivity, not only connecting systems but also connecting people with their technology by helping to demystify how it works and why it matters.


9/6/22 - What are the Differences Between Automation and Orchestration?
8/30/22 - Understanding the differences between DXP and DXC
8/23/22 - How to Migrate Environment Configurations Using the CLI
8/16/22 - How to Use API Keys For System Integration
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Composing Personalized Digital Experiences for Web and IoT using Uniform
A Conversation about Digital Experience Composition (DXC) Part 2
A Conversation about Digital Experience Composition (DXC) Part 1
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