About Jonathan Sexton

Technical Customer Success Manager @ Cloudinary
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Patrick Jones - Course author
Jonathan Sexton is a Technical Customer Success Manager at Cloudinary. He works with developers, creatives, and marketers to ensure their media assets are delivered at the right size, to any device, on any browser at blazing fast speeds.

Before coming to Cloudinary, Jonathan was a front end developer working in both the corporate and freelance worlds. All of his knowledge was gained through self taught methods and he's a big advocate for helping others learn to code. The majority of his experience is with web technologies like JavaScript (all flavors) and APIs but he also has knowledge and experience with .NET, SQL, and C++.

If he's not trying out a cool new framework, tool, or gadget you'll likely find him out on an adventure with his family. On the rare occasion of downtime, Jonathan enjoys hanging out with friends with a glass of red wine, playing video games, or taking a dance class with his wife.


An Introduction to Media Types
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