Why Your Company Needs a System Independent Enterprise Content Model

An Interview with Cruce Saunders

In this episode, we're going to talk about content modeling from the perspective of an enterprise. We'll cover why enterprise wide content models are important, how to design them to be system independent, how to manage them, who should be involved and much more.

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Patrick Jones - Course author
Meet the GUEST

Cruce Saunders

Founder and Principal, [A]

Cruce Saunders is the founder and principal at [A], the Content Intelligence Service. Cruce has spent more than 20 years focused on content technology and content engineering. Today, Cruce and the [A] team work with the largest and most complex enterprise content publishers on earth crafting the next generation of content supply chains and publishing architecture.

He also hosts the Towards a Smarter World podcast, where he connects with global leaders impacting content intelligence and a YouTube series to help content leaders spread the word called The Invisible World of Content.
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Marcelo Lewin

Marcelo is passionate about content modeling, so much so, he spends his weekends creating content models for fun! Yes, we know, he needs to get a real hobby! He's also very interested in content governance, content architecting and headless CMS technologies. As a Senior Content Solutions Architect, he designs content models that are scalable, support single source of truth and are friendly both to developers and content authors alike.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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