Content Modeling Redirects

Redirects are a very important part of a website redesign that a team usually leaves for the last minute (or they forget to even consider it until it's too late). Redirects preserves your current SEO efforts by telling Google where a new document resides, so users don't get those annoying 404 errors. But how can we implement a redirect system in a headless CMS? 
In this lesson, you'll learn two ways to implement a redirect system that will preserve your SEO while at the same time, making it easy for your authors to manage redirects without the involvement of a developer.

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Meet the Lesson Presenter

Patrick Jones - Course author

Marcelo Lewin

Marcelo is passionate about content modeling, so much so, he spends his weekends creating content models for fun! Yes, we know, he needs to get a real hobby! He's also very interested in content governance, content architecting and headless CMS technologies. As a Senior Content Solutions Architect working in Product, he designs content models that are scalable, support single source of truth and are friendly both to developers and content authors alike.

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