The Retrospective

This course is designed for anyone involved in (or about to get involved in) a headless project. 

In every episode, we'll get together with the team that implemented a specific headless project and go through  a retrospective meeting, live, so that we can learn all about that project, what went well, what the challenges were and what needed to be improved.
It doesn't matter if you are a developer, a product manager, a content architect or a content author, pick a project, watch the live retrospective meeting, and then use that information to improve the success of your upcoming project.

Real world project reviews.

In every episode, you'll learn about a real world project, implemented by a team in a real company.  We'll cover the goals of the project and if it was successful or not.

Learn what didn't work.

In a real world project, not everything goes as planned.  During the retrospective, we'll see what those challenges were and how (or if) they overcame them.

Learn what worked.

During the retrospective meetings, we'll look at what worked well so that you can use that information in your upcoming project.

Interviews with the project team.

Meet the team behind the project.  Learn the roles and knowledge necessary to implement that project and how team members  communicated with each other.

This course is perfect for...

Marketing Professionals
Product Managers
Project Managers

Meet the Teams

Retrospective Meeting: Eeyo Global Website Project

Marcelo Lewin

Head of Content and Community
Headless Creator

Michael Ecker

Account Manager
Matter Supply Co.

Steve Caldera

Project Manager
Matter Supply Co.

Sebastian Lopez

Matter Supply Co.