From Headless 1.0 to Headless 2.0

Headless 1.0 proved to be highly beneficial for developers, but it fell short in meeting the needs of marketers and other non-technical business users. Moreover, it inadvertently burdened developers with additional tasks, which were far from enjoyable. However, a new technology called DXCP has emerged to usher us into the realm of Headless 2.0, where technical and business teams can collaborate on equal footing. In this lesson, we will explore the disparities between Headless 1.0 and Headless 2.0, examining instances where Headless 1.0 hampers the productivity of both developers and authors, and how Headless 2.0 streamlines everyone's workflow.

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Meet the Lesson Presenters

Adam Conn
VP of Enablement
Marcelo Lewin
Head of Content and Community
Headless Creator

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