"Nike DNA Project" Retrospective Meeting

In this retrospective meeting, we will have a discussion with the team that implemented the Nike DNA (Department of Nike Archives) project, which serves as the cornerstone to tell Nike's story to the entire company's thousands of employees. With both a physical archive, as well as a digital experience, DNA is a crucial access point in historical research, design inspiration, and staff on-boarding. We'll chat about the tech stack, the team structure, team communication, any challenges and lessons learned.

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Meet the Team

Marcelo Lewin
Headless Creator
Marc Ammann
Matter Supply Co.
David Gomez Fonnegra
Director of Technology
Matter Supply Co.
Natalia Cardona
Lead Designer & Art Director
Matter Supply Co.

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The Retrospective

This lesson is part of a full course focused on live real world headless project reviews with the actual teams that worked on them.
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