About Tim Benniks

Principal Developer Advocate  @ Uniform
Patrick Jones - Course author
Tim is the Principal Developer Advocate and a Technical Director at Uniform with a focus on web development. Tim is always striving to strike that perfect balance between the idealism of development and the pragmatism of delivering a project on time and budget.


Intro to DXP: Defining Digital Experience Platform
Intro to DXP: The DXP Dilemma
Separation of Concerns
The DXP Tech Stack Overview
An Overview of the Uniform Platform
A Hands On Demo of Uniform
Personalization and A/B Testing in Uniform
How Data Flows from Uniform to Front-end
Manipulating Content and Sources using Enhancers
Creating Custom Integrations
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Managing Multiple Content Sources using Uniform
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8/30/22 - Uniform CLI tip
8/25/22 - Up and running with Uniform & Nuxt 3 in three mins!
8/18/22 - Setting up live preview with Uniform and Nuxt 3