How to Evaluate CMS Vendors

Learn about the approaches and criteria associated with composable architectures and how to effectively manage the evaluation process.

Learning objectives:

Background analysis & planning

How to run the evaluation process by involving stakeholders, running proofs-of-concept and considering eventual migration efforts.

Evaluating non-functional criteria

How to consider factors such as partner network, geographical reach, pricing, support and community.

Evaluating functional criteria

How to understand what functions are critical to your needs and what is considered to be "standard" capability vs. additional functionality your needs may require - including:
  • Content Modeling
  • Content Authoring
  • Management Capabilities
  • Developer & DevOps Functions
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This course is perfect for...

Marketing Professionals
Product Managers
Project Managers
Meet the HOST

Mark Demeny

Mark Demeny is head of product strategy at, a platform that enables developers and marketers to take control of their digital-experience stack, having spent over 16 years acquiring the related technical expertise and building strategies for content management and digital experiences. In addition to a career with several renowned vendors, including Sitecore, Optimizely, and Contentful, he has worked with numerous CMS, ECM, analytics, and commerce products.

Meet the Presenters

Tim Benniks
Principal Developer Advocate
Peter Fogelsanger
Head of Strategic Enablement
Deane Barker
Global Director of Content Management
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