Common Pitfalls to Avoid

August 8, 2023  |  7:30am PT

We'll discuss some of the bad patterns we see in implementations and migrations including not undertaking an organizational change to an agile approach, re-implementing old bad patterns and content models, planning for a “big bang” migration and not focusing on long-term sustainability and flexibility.

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Meet the HOST

Mark Demeny

Mark Demeny is head of product strategy at, a platform that enables developers and marketers to take control of their digital-experience stack, having spent over 16 years acquiring the related technical expertise and building strategies for content management and digital experiences. In addition to a career with several renowned vendors, including Sitecore, Optimizely, and Contentful, he has worked with numerous CMS, ECM, analytics, and commerce products.

Meet the Lesson Guests

Peter Fogelsanger
Head of Strategic Enablement

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