"Eeyo Global Website Project" Retrospective Meeting

In this retrospective meeting, we will be chatting with part of the team (Account Manager, Project Manager and a Developer) from the agency, Matter Supply Co., who worked on the (Gogoro Taiwan) Eeyo eBike eCommerce Global Site Project. We’ll chat with the team about the tech stack used, how personalization was used, how globalization was implemented and how it was integrated with Shopify, Prismic and Netlify. We’ll see what went well, what challenges they encountered, lessons learned and what the next steps are for this team.

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Meet the Team

Marcelo Lewin
Headless Creator
Michael Ecker
Account Manager
Matter Supply Co.
Steve Caldera
Project Manager
Matter Supply Co.
Sebastian Lopez
Matter Supply Co.

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The Retrospective

This lesson is part of a full course focused on live real world headless project reviews with the actual teams that worked on them.
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