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Continuous learning focused on Headless CMS, Content Modeling and Jamstack.

Focused on content modeling, content architecting, content governance, content authoring, Headless CMS and Jamstack.
Level up your current kills or learn a new skill and become more competitive in the market.
Become a developer, administrator, author, content architect or content modeler.
Create your next omni-channel delivery experience with your new knowledge.

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Content Modeling Weekly

Every headless CMS project starts with a content model.  Learn how to create that model properly so it scales.  In this free course, updated weekly, you'll learn real world content modeling that will help you bootstrap your project.

Headless CMS Courses

Courses with lessons focused on content authors, admins and developers of a headless CMS.

Focus on Amplience

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Discover Headless Tech

Stay up to date on the latest headless technologies you should be aware of. Watch tutorials and interviews with professionals working with headless tech.

The future is headless.
The future is multi-channel delivery.
The future is now.

Learn content modeling.

Your content model is the most important part of your headless CMS project and with our content modeling courses, you'll learn how to create scalable content models that are both developer and author friendly.

Learn headless CMS development.

Working with a headless CMS involves many technologies and APIs. Avoid "trial by fire" and take advantage of our presenter's experience.

Learn headless CMS administration.

Want to learn about spaces, stacks, content stages?  Need to create API tokens?  Need to understand the best way to manage users? Our courses focused on administrators will show you how to do just that.

Learn headless CMS authoring.

If you are looking at becoming a better and more efficient author when using your headless CMS, we have courses focused on you!

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